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5 Tips to Create the Ideal Workspace

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Whether working from home is your new normal or you're back at the office, everyone needs a creative space, free from distractions. To get those creative juices flowing, the ideal workspace is key.

1. Create Your "Work Zone."

In order for your mind and body to be ready to work, you need a spot at home or the office that is where you sit down and get to work. We are creatures of habit, so when your mind and body are in the location that is dedicated for work you are more likely to be productive. For me, once we started working from home, we purchased a desk that I could use during the day. Just as I would at work, I organize and tidy my desk at the end of the day, so that when it is time to work the next day, I don't have to clear it off.

2. Lighting is King

For me it is important to have good lighting. One it helps keep you awake, two you won't be straining your eyes in addition to staring at a computer all day, and three the right lighting can set the mood for your creative energies to flow. When it is rainy outside, I am sure to turn on my overhead light as well as my desk lamp. You could even get holiday lights to put around your workspace to have a little fun.

3. Remove any Distractions

Yes, as much as I hate to admit it, I am attached to my phone and those notifications. There's lots of psychology behind the lure out little devices on us, but that's for another day. Just know that having your phone around you at all times can be quite a distraction for you. I suggest leaving your phone off your desk and somewhere out of reach. I also like to set a timer for 45 minutes of flow and then a 15 minute break.

4. Set Up for Success

Be sure that everything that you need to be successful for the day is within reach. So, whether you are working from the office or your humble abode, be sure to have all your tools readily available. That may be your planner, notebook, pens, etc., but anytime you have to break your flow to get something, that is precious time wasted. So, make sure that your desk is set up for success at the beginning of each day.

5. Bring a Little Life Indoors

I don't know about you, but when I am in nature I feel more awake and alive. Again, there is lot's of science behind this, but again, we are here to talk about work flow, not the benefits of being outdoors. So, since we can't all work from the woods, I suggest bringing a little outdoors inside! PLANTS are my house pets. I can't get enough. I have at least two close by at all days. Not only do they look beautiful, but they can also help purify the air around you. For me having plants inside helps me feel creative and at peace.

Try these five tips and see if they help with creativity and flow!

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