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We are passionately committed to providing unparalleled communication strategies while positively impacting society. 

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At Athene CC we aim to inform, engage, and inspire the community through superior communications efforts. We bring our unique skillsets to create clear-cut content and provide distinctive added value so clients achieve their goals.

"We have the ability to change the world by being conscientious in all that we do." - Anna P.


Our commitment to excellence makes us a valuable partner to each client. Athene CC is with you at ever step, until your goals are achieved. 




We strive to create a more just society. With our business foundation deeply rooted in principles, we lead by example and are vigilant in sticking to our values. At every turn, we work towards social equity and environmental sustainability. 




At Athene CC we value people first. We strongly believe scaling our business, and yours, while being ethically responsible are not mutually exclusive. 



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People Over Profit

Our team stays abreast to the latest technologies and communication tools, to assure your business success. We are driven by professionalism and an uncompromising

commitment to excellence. 




 The Athene CC team provides innovative and comprehensive solutions to your communication needs. To assure superior results, we are industry pioneers that set bold, ambitious goals.




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About Us

Empowering purpose-driven businesses to thrive.

A cultural shift is underway, a collective mindset concerned with environmental sustainability, social equity, and common good. This isn't just the latest trend. It is a collective movement. 

At Athene Creative Consulting we know businesses are adopting this mindset. Individuals and organizations alike are leading the charge, and our team is here to assist. Our business is to empower purpose-driven companies to thrive. We are skilled storytellers that utilize diverse styles of media, create just-right stories, and develop compelling

content to reach your target audience. With years of professional experience in community outreach, traditional and social media campaigns, building business brands, and creating distinct written content, we guarantee high-quality communication services that will elevate your business. 

When we decided to pursue our passion and build Athene CC, we made a decision to work with clients who have a shared purpose of positively impacting their employees and society. From startup to scale, we create tailor-made 

strategies with clear directives to help you achieve your communication goals. We recognize the empowering

effect storytelling has on people and its ability to mobilize communities to come together for social good.  


We look forward to working with you and together creating better tomorrows. 

Meet our team


Founder & Chief Principal

Anna brings a healthy dose of creativity and passion to the field of communications. With a background in education and psychology, she works with clients to identify communications goals, to design the strategy and tactics that help deliver their message in an engaging and focused way. It is her attention to both small details and the bigger picture that have guided Anna’s creation of nonprofit fundraiser videos, corporate explainer videos, compelling social media content, graphics, and event collateral. 


The wife of a Marine Corps veteran who works closely with veteran students, Anna has used her personal insight as a military spouse to help clients including Veterans Heritage Project, Veterans Medical Leadership Council, Arizona Veterans Hall of Fame, Armed Forces Insurance and Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation, with event management, public relations, and social media services. 


A lifelong learner, Anna seeks out professional networking opportunities, and is a volunteer Communications Specialist with the Harlem Film House and Hip Hop Film Festival. When she’s not dazzling clients with her work or putting a smile on her colleagues’ faces, she can be found tackling fun projects at home, reading, and squealing over her Alaskan Klee Kai, Lola.

Anna can be reached at

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